Motivation. That thing that runs (or doesn’t run) us all.

As would-be high achievers, we can curse it… pine for it… and wonder where the hell it is.

But if we are one of the successful few, motivation is second nature. It just happens. Or so it seems.

But why? Are some people just uniquely blessed with better-than-thou motivation genes that mean that they can do things you only dream of?

Maybe… but more than anything, I am willing to bet what those people have, is something they likely take completely for granted.

An amazing relationship with their inner child. 

Now that I am reading that sentence, I can hear the responses… Uh, OK. That’s great for them. But what about me? And what makes them so lucky? 

Some people have great parenting. Some people just naturally fall into a loving, self-governing relationship with the part of themselves that may otherwise run rampant and tear their life to shreds.

And some people (like me) have to work at it.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. And in fact, it can be easier than you think.

To have an amazing relationship with yourself, you must first distinguish your wise self from the stunted, immature part of yourself that still lives within your own skin.

What is this part? 

Simple answer: A part of you frozen around an unprocessed part of your past experience or life.

Said even more simply? You, as a child, still dealing with whatever-that-big-thing was that you dealt with at that young of an age.

The thing about the inner child is that it will co-opt your energy, run your life, make you eat junk food you don’t even want, and prevent you from doing anything meaningful or forward-moving, until you get that part of yourself into your own care.

So how do you do this, you may be asking? There are two steps.

Step 1: Get Into the Flow.

Whaaat? What’s flow got to do with it? I’m glad you asked. Because flow, my dear… is love.

Flow is the place where your mind disappears and your heart appears. Where your soul peeks itself out from under the mire of conditioning you’ve been pretending was the real you. Where ease and connection and timelessness all converge. Flow is real time… and in that real time, our true self emerges. Where does your true self shine? If it isn’t when you’re in some kind of creative flow, perhaps it’s when you are losing track of time talking to a friend, exercising, meditating, or speaking in front of groups.

When do you feel more yourself? When you shine, your greatness peeks through the clouds, and you know and understand, without a doubt, how entirely and vastly significant you truly are.

Seeing yourself as you are is the single most necessary element in order to identify and recognize who you really are in the moment. Who you are is magic, greatness, beauty, majesty and so much more. With this firmly rooted in your body as an awareness, you can move on to Step 2, which is…

Step 2: Use Your Flow-Self to Love Your Child-Self

Sometimes I strongly dislike my inner child. She’s needy, bratty… and if I take a cue from the adults in my life as a kid… entirely worth ignoring.

But that’s a sad pattern that I learned. Do I really want to be my parents? Well… if I am treating myself like they did, I am just falling right into the trap of being them.

The fact is, if you feel resistant, angry, annoyed, you are in the grips of your inner child.

The trick is to recognize it, and then through that recognition, to shift into your Greatness, your Flow Self… or the Majesty of your being.

Once you are firmly in your majesty, with your inner child present (if you were just feeling resistance, she can’t have gone far…), you have an opportunity for massive, massive self love, because you are entering into the old paradigm right at its hottest point…

Once you begin and continue these steps, you set into motion a healing process which will ultimately restore your heart, regain your own trust and give you the gift of the one thing you have been waiting for this whole time, but which was on Pause while you struggled with getting all of yourself into alignment with it…

The energy to create and fulfill on your dreams. 

So what are you waiting for?

Start practicing landing in your flow.
Get to know yourself at your greatest.
Create the grounds to experience yourself in said flow state. Think back to what brought you there as a kid and go there. To know your greatness, you do not have to be achieving. Hint: Being around kids can be a great way to get to know your own greatness.

Then, as you become more connected with that incredible side of you, slowly shift into it when you are at your most resistant, and marvel at the rewards.

With love,