It’s hard not to look at our world… with the seething division between us, the corrupt leadership in offices across the planet… and not notice that it’s all engineered.

We are a united people, deep down. No matter what color you are, a child will not think lesser of you. A child will not care what you own, or how you dress.

They’ll care if you’re kind. If you listen. If you smile. If you look happy, or not. They’ll naturally distrust the inauthentic.

Our dominant media and systems of indoctrination teach us to abandon our human nature.

But the world is changing… and so are we. I’ve felt it for years, but now it’s beginning. We are going to change those systems. From the inside out.

This goes beyond politics. It’s about reclaiming the soul of humanity.

To the world leaders willing to sell humanity to the highest bidder… the winds of change are blowing. Something is brewing in the secret world

We Will Rise in the Divine (Poem)

You’ve bent the world into pieces
You’ve lied when you should have been honest
You’ve turned the spirit against us.

But we will rise in the divine.

You’ve riddled us with insecurity
with doubts about our divinity
with resentment against our community.

But we will rise in the divine.

You’ve forced us to climb your castle walls, 
and thrown down our bones to slow us.
You’ve lost the piece that makes you alive.

But we will rise in the divine.

You’ve stolen our families, lands and children.
You’ve forced us to fight, and break, and be bitten.
You’ve raised yourself above us unjustly.

But we will rise in the divine.

And your castle will turn to ashes.
Your lies with choke and sink your masses
(the few who choose to stay with you).

But we will rise in the divine.

And the world will transform despite you
Will compost and digest you.
Will re-fabricate our marrow, too.

And we will rise in the divine.

For there is a greater future brewing
Beyond your trickery and delusion
Where people find cohesion beyond illusion…

Rising in the divine.