When you believe you are not there yet, keep going.

One day, you will grow tired of pain.
You will see through the actions that are its architect.
One day you will realize that weight is needless
And decide to carry only breath. Even the clothes
You dress yourself in will become lighter.
You will grow beyond hurting yourself needlessly
Or ignoring yourself carelessly. There are people in this world
Who pay no attention to their own interior
Whose minds are darting from external thing
To external thing. But you will recognize
That your inner dialogue is the dialogue
Of a friend… The tenderest of friends, whose whispered thoughts
And quick responses, are the music and the movement
In an otherwise silent scene. Receive her tidal wave of sound & softness
Feel the loosening at her waist. Be curious.
Tune, carefully, into her pulsing sensitivity.

One day, you will choose only actions that revive you
That fill you with buoyant joy, with quiet relish
With a buzzing, room-filling greatfullness.
One day you will move only toward that which you anticipate
You will leave behind longing.
You will imagine only that which enriches you
You will not keep rules that confine or restrain you.
You will loosen the bit restraining your own wildness
Or you may unhook its leathery mass entirely
Lift it from your weary spine
And let yourself tread wondrously
Back into the unknown land of your own wild ecstasy.