Do you know how business owners become wildly successful?

The secret sauce that makes them AMAZING at what they do…

…and creates the illusion that they’re just “made” for success…

…”kissed by the Gods”…

…or “sprinkled with fairy dust”?

It’s a secret we’ve all used to learn how to do everything of importance…

Tie our shoes. Pay our taxes. Add 2 + 2.

…and yet it seems deceptively simple.

So simple, in fact… we miss it, over and over again. We glaze over it.

We think “nah, that can’t be it.”

But this 3-part formula equals millions in revenue for anyone who applies it…

It is literally that important.

Want to know what it is?


  1. LISTEN.

What’d I tell ya. Deceptively simple.

But here’s how it works…


When you’re learning, learn from the best in your field and keep your ears perked. Study people who were successful at what YOU do. Coaching? Personal training? What made them who they are? When they mention someone they learned from, a book, a podcast, an episode… track it down. You never know what trail of breadcrumbs have led to their success, and often these little nuggets are the yellow brick road you’re searching for.


Now, once you’ve listened to the experts, followed the breadcrumbs, take what you’ve learned and apply it. Experiment with it. Play with it. It’s said that learning is play. Well, I say play is experimentation. Exploration. A little o’ this, a little o’ that. We learn by trial and error. Experiment with what you’re hearing. Did Tim Ferriss recommend slipping into a bucket of ice once a day? If your goal is to get healthy, try it out. Don’t just listen… TRY.


The biggest destroyer of would-be success is giving up too soon. You hear it ALL the time. It’s normal to get discouraged, but picking up where you left off and keeping ON… that’s the ticket. It’s truly never too late, either. We like to think we’ve gotten “off track.” But you’re never too far off track. You can always get back on. The only failure is not trying. And every failure is proof of what amazing fact: You’re making an effort.

…and that’s the best you can EVER do. Success is practice. Keep going.