Fact: About one hundred times per day, in buildings across the planet, you’ll hear “So, if you do it this way…”

Also Fact: When it comes to your life or your business (and being you)… that advice doesn’t always transfer.

Here’s the thing…

You are this unique, special creature-animal-thing. You talk your way. You think your way. You walk a certain unique way, too.

In “machine-cookie-cutter-land” (my other name for America, and frankly, lately… the rest of the world, too)… yeah, you gotta do it “the way it’s done.”

(And this advice is useful in a “somewhat, sorta, kinda” way. But not in an “all-the-way” kind of way. Hang with me.)

But you, and your business, and your life… are not a machine.

In fact, you’re the opposite of a machine. You’re a person. You’re a natural, organic being. If you look at other natural, organic beings (think, plants, animals, some very special people)… they don’t act like machines. And neither should you.

Unless you want to be cookie-cutter. Which you don’t, because… well. That way, you’d never stand out. You’d just be a cutout of a cookie, that we’ve seen a 1,001 times before.

But, if do you want to be cookie cutter, OK. Go ahead. Click out of this page. Wave bye-bye. Go be “not you.”

But, chances are… you wanna be you. And you want to have permission to be you, too… full out.

And that starts with not doing it every other person’s way.

In Human Design, there’s something called the “Not Self.” It’s this empty part of your chart; or an empty gate in your chart… so basically, something you don’t have.

But a peculiar thing happens when you have an empty chart section in Human Design. It acts like a cell-phone receiver.

All the time, it’s receiving data from its environment (from other people who do have that part active in their chart)… and it’s experiencing it inside itself. Except, what it’s experiencing isn’t itself. It’s just noise. Radio broadcasting.

Some people can mistake that “noise” or “radio broadcasting” for their own inner dialogue and think it’s “them.”

Or they can change the channel.

Either way–this extra noise is “not you.” It’s the “not self.”

If you’re wise, you’ll learn to tune your inner-radio-receiver to the “real” stuff that matters to you.

Or to the source of “flow” itself.

And, if you’re having trouble distinguishing what that is for you… you’re likely at the stage of your life where you need to just get quiet, get still and learn to hear yourself clearly.

(Yes, that may mean it’s time to get out of town for a while. Towns can be full of “not selfs,” and it can be useful to just sit with your thoughts somewhere else until you’re clear what’s you and what’s everybody else.)

So what does matter to you? And how can you hear it more clearly? I’m so glad you asked. Now go sit with yourself for a little while and come back with an answer.

I’ll wait…