When in the quiet, and the paper thin light of early,

My body wakes, my skin warm, the entirety of me ready

For a life inhabited by a heart, a perfect open poetry,

No longer can anything be stronger than this pure & spoken reality.

Breathe deep, long, sweet, live prayerful in the eternity,

You are housed in the heavens you seek, so inhabit them gratefully.

When you live, breathe, love, wake, know you do it essentially.

It is time, now, for your love, innumerably, to account for your ferocity,

And be audible in your speech and fluid in your dreaming.

I live on your skin too, love, I know the old enclave of trees,

Where They sleep, you wake, we breathe, you turn into firelight over Their seas.

Breathe deep, sweet, turn halos in bright fire light.

I am your soul, sing, this life is yours to believe.