Spoiler: Yes, this works.

And also, it works like this…

Step #1: You repeat positive things to yourself as often as you can remember.

Step #2: You repeat positive things to yourself at night ritualistically.

Step #3: You surround yourself with positive people.

Step #4: You meditate. Quiet mind. No thought. Also, positive thought.

Step #5: You listen to audios or meditations that repeat mantras over and over. Here’s a good source. Tip: Search for affirmations.

Step #6: You rinse and repeat.

Also, here are some positive phrases you can say to yourself that will help you think/be/feel positive all-day-every-day:

  • I am full of bright, shiny energy. (Hey, no teasing. You can write your own).
  • I love myself. I am overflowing with love. I naturally magnetize abundance. I am doing work I love, that feels good for me to do.
  • I feel so positive. When I wake up in the morning, I feel excited. I am anticipating everything I have planned.
  • I am happy. I feel genuinely happy… deep in my bones.
  • Life is good. I can feel it. I am so grateful. Thank you for another beautiful day.

Also, there is hypnotherapy.

And, Dynamic Neural Retraining. And EFT. And Tapping. And Google… if none of those things ring a bell.

And, if you ever need a boost, come on back here and I’ll juice you up.

Now get out there.

Peace and love.