You have no idea how much your body wants to drink the earth
Wants to bury its toes in loam and dirt
Wants to lay its head against pillowy leaves
And soak in the sun through a canopy of trees.

You have no idea how you long to remember
Your limbs descend from roots and weather
Your eyes are the still, looking glass of the heavens
Your heart is a buzzing birdsong haven.

Someone put you in a cage but you never intended
To lose your love of dirt and nature and have pretended
To be divided from a life made of all things living
To be content in houses and offices with your conscience drifting.

Your hands are longing to regather
The remnants of a life removed her limits
To stand barefoot on acres of cinnamon kindling.
Whoever made “dirty” a dirty word has forgotten
Their bodies are compost and composed of life’s eternal season.

Like an electrical socket you run on nature
Your cells charged and alive by its blessing.
So plug your toes in the sand or in dirt
Find a way to return, call it sacred rebirth.

These industrialized ways have made you an enemy to life
Living as if you were separate, when you are integrally entwined.
But innovation and transformation are moving us back to our center
Back to the home we call Earth, our loving benefactor
Back to ourselves, if we will only embrace her.