Fact: I’ve been writing doggedly for 30 years. YEARS.

But if you root through my old stuff, you see a pattern… 

I wrote based on FEELING

And while this is a beautiful skill I learned to master early on… (the art of creating art “in flow”)… 

…the ability to EDIT these sometimes-chaotic masterpieces has only appeared recently. 

Yes, I was great at saying anything and everything. 

(I’ve been accused of being talkative more times than I can count over the years. And early on, that comment came accompanied by “slow down, you talk too fast,” too. Hey, I was a kid whose mouth couldn’t keep up with the electricity in her head.)

…but saying it CLEARLY? Was a shot-in-the-dark, hello-whoops-oh-I-guess-I-did-it kind of thing. 

In fact, I used to think that EDITING was damaging to my creativity. Editing meant that I didn’t “get” my art (which of course came straight from source). I was messing things up! Trying to improve perfection! 🤪

A lovely man told me a few years ago… “Hey, you know… you’d do well to edit your work more.” Of course, he was delusional. But then I wrote my most popular Elephant Journal article, after paying attention to editing. 

Go figure. 

I’ve wondered what creativity and WRITING would look like as I took this on full-time as a career… 

As I added amazing names like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Christiane Northrup, M.D., Lisa Nichols and Gregg Braden to my belt notches… 

And now I know! 

Four years later, it looks like… Well? This. 😃

So here’s the secret: Editing your copy doesn’t mean ratcheting it down. Tearing it up. Ruining its beauty. 

Although… it sometimes can. 

The trick is knowing what stays and what goes… and that takes “skills.” 

Skills I seem to have in abundance. Lately. Forever. (Owning it.) 

So if you need an editor, a copywriter, a creative mentor, a help-me-find-my-voice-because-who-am-I? person… 

Well, that’s me. 

Writer-in-Chief, Psalm Pollock. 

You can book a call with me here.