For over 10 years, I offered astrology readings to the public.

It seemed to help people, and I loved that part of it.

I could plug them into astrological information that explained who they were, their destiny, and the ditches they had to watch out for on that journey up the figurative mountain…

But here’s why I stopped…

I loved astrology selfishly, because I longed for answers to explain the powerful yearning that sawed at me beneath my collar bone…

So I used it like a mining shaft, searching for a vein of gold that would lead me back to God.

I didn’t understand that my yearning was the seed of my destiny struggling against the husk of my limitations.

And while I feared my limitations would suppress it, that was never going to be the reality.

Astrology taught me that I was indeed destined for what my yearnings compelled me to create.

Time has helped me see that inner trust and patience unveil what yearning calls distantly into being.

Part of what astrology taught me is that I have a razor sharp mind-tool that can quickly sort information and shed the nonsense. Classic Mercury in Virgo, Moon in Taurus energy.

Others saw this, so my inner people pleaser wanted to give it all away.

No one likes a hoarder, right?

Except being an astrologer longterm was never in the cards for me. While I could find the truth through careful analysis and by following what feels good…

I lacked the necessary planetary combinations to make me as masterful as my high-pressure bevy of exalted planets demand.

Use this story to your advantage.

Where in your life do you feel you’re “giving away” your skills because others saw an ability in you and wanted some of that…

…while you never felt fully aligned with expressing in that way?

Other people asked me for astrology. And sometimes, I offered. That offer, though, far-too-often stemmed from a place of insecurity and “please like me,” and less often from an honest desire to spend time analyzing and dissecting the cosmic character of another person.

I still feel called to pepper it in conversation sometimes. It’s interesting.

And—oh yeah—sidereal is the correct system. Tropical astrology is new. Sidereal and Vedic are ancient.

Our ancestors from long ago knew some things. My experience has taught me to trust that.