Now that I’ve made my “lofty” No Stress Declaration (won’t you join me?)…

I’m plagued by the details of how.

You see, saying “I Quit Stress” is one thing. Actually quitting it is another thing entirely.

Which brings me to my Four Habits That Guarantee No Stress.

(And really, I’m writing this for me. Don’t we teach to learn? #PrettyMuch)

Here they are…

Habit #1

Go. To. Sleep.

Ironically, when I announced that I quit stress… I stayed up until midnight writing.

But I don’t make that a habit.

Sleep must come first.

And yes, you can take breaks from sleeping-on-time.

Because no stress, right?

But also, go to sleep.

Habit #2

Um, girl, whatcha eating?

Yeah, this is where the stress rubber hits the road… and if you know me, you know I was going here.

I used to be vegan, plant-based, all-up-in-your-business-with-my-wellness-advice. (And I mean, just-about all my life.)

Now I take a more practical stance on food.

Eat what makes you feel good.

And yes, if that is plants, fine.

I no longer eat plants, mostly. I eat mostly non-plants.

(And if you’re interesting in knowing that “that” is… read Weston A. Price’s book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.) ⬅️ No, that’s not an affiliate link. I haven’t gotten that fancy yet.

Habit #3

Did I mention sleep? No? Just kidding.


Yes, yes. I sound like your mom. “Get outside, honey.”

(But I am a mom, so that’s no accident.)

And by exercise… I don’t mean, hit the gym. Lift weights. SHRED, MAN.

No. I mean… find what YOU love.

For me, exercise looks like this…

  • Yoga, preferably hot. Or sometimes not. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I do it at home.
  • A short walk to the basketball court. And then back.
  • A short walk to the basketball court, and maybe I actually play basketball. Sort of.
  • Or, alternatively, just a short walk.
  • I run behind my son’s bike.
  • I also hike.
  • And sometimes, if I’m feeling really frisky, I’ll walk on the beach.
  • And boogie board, but only on a Blue Moon. No, specifically beneath blue moons.

Get the picture? Not one of those things is something I hate, “can’t” do, or “don’t want to do.”

And the yoga? Well, yeah… I’ve made a habit of it.

Here’s the funny thing about habits: You have to force it at first.

But after 15-20 times… it becomes a compulsion.

Or, it did with me. I’ve heard it takes longer sometimes. (Also, shorter.)

My point is this: Go. Try. And maybe… eventually… it won’t be so hard.

#wise? 🤪

Habit #4

My final, “fancy” habit. Now, I had to deliberate this one.

I could just say “drink water,” but that would be boring.

And actually, I don’t drink a TON of water myself. (Which maybe, I should be doing.)

So, instead, my fourth habit is this…


Because honestly, you’re not just going to stop stressing because you want to (wouldn’t that be nice).

(And P.S. I’ve tried. Let’s get this out of the way… it doesn’t work.)

So how do you brainwash yourself?

Answer: You train your brain to think a specific way.

I.E. positively, as if you’re amazing, and life is good, peaceful, calm, and happy.

And it works.

But you gotta keep doing it. And keep trying. And… eventually…

It becomes a compulsion. (A good one. Hey now.)

Frankly, that’s how all habits work. Maybe you knew that, maybe you didn’t. But you do now. And thoughts? Are just another habit.

And in the theme of (attempting) good habits…

Time for bed. ✌️ 🧡 🙏