I started writing about trust in a recent book-that-I-started, got-one-hundred-pages-into, then-decided-to-shelve.

And although that book is paused (hey, all things in their time), the topic of trust came up for me again recently.

So I want to share that excerpt with you.

It went something like this…

Trust is the most important word in the human language. 

It’s what forms nations. Relationships. Not relationships. It creates companies and brands.

With it, anything is possible. Without it, nothing.

Trust is the most important word, but it can also be the most difficult… when we’re not taught how to do it.

Trust is grist for the mill of life. It’s what keeps it turning.

If you trust life… you’ll keep going.

If you don’t… you die. Figuratively, and literally.

Suicide happens when we stop trusting life. Diseases of all kinds happen. Relationships fall apart without it. Companies too.

Even if that trust is in an illusion, trust itself can construct something from nothing. Even if you’re led to believe a lie… the trust perpetuates it. 

“Truth” and our perception of it shifts… based on trust. 

If we trust something, whether it’s true or not is unimportant.

To US, it is the truth… and it’ll continue being the truth until we decide not to trust it.

With trust you can open your heart and connect with something beyond yourself.

Without it, you shrivel like a tree without soil for its roots. 

You must be able to expand, and trust is what precipitates that expansion. 

So… how easy is trust for you? 

TRUST is the key that will help YOU keep going. 

If you trust the process, you’ll continue it. If you doubt, you’ll quit and stay stuck. You’ll give up. You’ll stop.

So… how can you develop trust, when you’re full of doubt?

How can you open to believe in the goodness of something, someone, a process, the divine or just life itself?


You’ve probably heard “all you need is faith as small as a mustard seed.”

Well, it’s true. 

The ingredients necessary to develop trust are the same ingredients necessary to successfully pray. 

Willingness is of course the first ingredient.

The next is open-mindedness.

The next is prayerful waiting; affirmatively

And for that, you’ll need to change the way you think.

This could help.