Is Your Marketing Funnel Just Not Working the Way You Want It To?

Does your business need a new message, a clearer hook, or a stronger offer? 

Are you not getting the kinds of clients you LIKE or WANT? 

Making less than $10,000 a month consistently? 

Struggling to command higher ticket prices? 

Is your marketing just not performing as expected? 

…you may need a Business Refresh. 

Chances are, you’re saying and doing things in your funnel and on social media that are losing your ideal clients. 

Either they’re not “getting” the value, or they’re not seeing how it applies to them. 

For a LIMITED TIME, I’m offering a huge 50% discount on my Business Refresh Package. 

Other Coaches and Copywriters Just Don’t Offer the Value You’re About to See Today.

Most of them reason that if it really matters, you’ll take out the second mortgage on your house JUST so you can hire them. 

It’s a coaching pyramid scheme, and it’s done nothing but drive great people back to their J.O.B.

I know, because I’ve spent 18 years cobbling together my own business.

I’d hire coaches and get “little bits” of what I needed… but the real help I required cost sometimes $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000 more than what I was paying. 

No one told me how simple the process of creating a scalable business was… and that it doesn’t have to cost your child’s college savings. 

Look online, and you’ll see dozens of coaches in your own friends list who are making $20,000+ per month, on repeat. 

The processes they’re using are criminally simple, yet no one knows how to pare it down and give you just the essentials. 

With the Business Refresh Package, that changes right now.

But First, Who’s This? 

My name is Psalm, and I’m the creator of the Rainbow Bridge Method™, a three-step system that takes cold clients and turns them into buyers.

I’m also a mom of one, a reluctant hippie, and a fantasy fiction writer. 

Professionally, I’m Hay House’s former senior copywriter and have created content independently for luminaries such as Eckhart Tolle, Lisa Nichols, Mama Gena and way more

In fact, in the past six years, I’ve generated over $75 million for my clients.

I’ve also spent over $150,000 on coaches and business trainings so that I could be the best at what I do, and my results speak for themselves. (Never stop learning!)

I’m here to help you create and market a one-offer funnel that generates steady income for you in 30 days or less. 

Want to find out more?

Here’s What the 30-Day Business Refresh Package Includes…

✨ A 90-minute Business Clarity Session to help you nail down your ideal client, unique positioning and specific offer. (Value: $750)

✨ A full-page Funnel Flow Map—what your business funnel will look like, from lead magnet, to landing page, follow-up emails, social media posts and more. (Value: $2,500)

✨  A Tagline Reveal Session to generate a clear, magnetic, attention-grabbing tagline for your business. (Value: $250)

✨  One Elevator Pitch Session to get you a juicy, one-sentence summary of what you do that instantly piques interest at any party, marketing event, or social gathering. (Value: $1,250)

✨ Two Landing Page Map-Out Sessions for both your lead magnet and main offer. (Value: $2,000.)

✨ A Social Media Launch Strategy Session to setup your launch plan to ensure you have a steady stream of clients flowing into your funnel. (Value: $750)

✨ Five Autoresponder Emails written by me for your launch. (Value: $2,500.)

There are only five spaces available at this price, so if you’re thinking you need this, act now. Once the five spots run out, that’s it!

Cost: $10,000

Today’s Cost: $5,000

A Little Love for Psalm and Her Business Refresh Process…

Psalm delivers. She gets how to capture the essence of brands and she writes copy that converts.

Andrew Gottlieb, CEO, No Typical Moments

Psalm’s extensive knowledge and marketing background combined with her killer intuitive sense has helped us create the most successful material we’ve ever had in our business.

Rose Cole, Rituality

Amazing. It feels like coming down the stairs for Christmas to see your words! Oh thank you! Yes, yes!

Lucinda Rae, Prosperity Branding

I know that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Psalm will fall in love with her amazing heart & soul and will be blown away by her brilliant work.

Prema Gaia, Soul-Led Living

Psalm is a true pleasure to work with and can write high converting, engaging copy and turn it around quickly, while making great suggestions on strategy along the way. I highly recommend working with her to ensure a successful launch!

Kate Yen, Associate Director, Hay House

Psalm writes with wit and wisdom, accurately sizing up her prospect and bringing their problems to vivid life. She’s incredibly flexible and responsive, and a pleasure to work with. You never know what she’s going to come up with, and as a result, her words leap off the page.

Mary Rosenberger, CEO, Amare Inc.

Let’s Take Your Expertise, Make it Magnetic, and Create More Money, Fun and Pleasure in Your Business This Coming Year!

There are only five spaces available at this price, so if you feel like you need this, act now. Once the five spots run out, that’s it!

Cost: $10,000

Today’s Cost: $5,000